Sunday, February 16, 2014

White Chocolate Cookie Butter Muddy Buddies

Cookie Butter.  White Chocolate.  Really, does it get any better than that?  I have wanted to cook with Cookie Butter ever since I started seeing the myriad of recipes showing up on Pinterest using this ingredient, which previously I was more than satisfied eating right out of the jar with a spoon.  Seriously, have you tried this stuff?  If not, you need to stop reading this blog (but come back later), go to Trader Joe's, and get some of this creamy cookie goodness!!

I was lucky to have a jar of this in my house and to keep my husband's spoon out of the jar long enough to finally put it into a recipe.  *Note* all bets were off after the jar was opened, and it is pretty much gone only a few days later.  Anyway, I had also around the same time decided that I wanted to try to make muddy buddies.  It appears that muddy buddies have been popular for quite some time, but I seriously had NEVER heard of them.  However, I was intrigued as it seemed easy to make with a basically unlimited ability to tailor a basic recipe to try new flavor combinations.  So I settled on two of my favorite things, white chocolate and cookie butter.  I was not disappointed.

This stuff is delicious and addictive, and the recipe was so easy to make! I found that it was best when it was cold, so I stored these muddy buddies in the refrigerator (in an open bowl for easy access).  These are very sweetness, but the sweetness mellowed out after being in the refrigerator overnight.  However, if you aren't careful, you can eat all this in just a few days.  Not that that was what happened...or it is.  I will definitely be immediately dividing this into individual serving baggies when I make it the next time.  

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did!

White Chocolate Cookie Butter Muddy Buddies

6 cups Chex Rice cereal
1/2 cup Cookie Butter
4 Tbs Butter
6 ounces white chocolate chips
1 to 1.5 cup powdered sugar

  1. Measure 3 cups of the Chex cereal into a large bowl.
  2. Prepare a gallon size storage bag with 2/3 cup powdered sugar.
  3. In a microwave safe bowl, melt the butter and cookie butter.  Stir every 15 seconds until the mixture is smooth.  After the mixture is fully melted, microwave for 5 additional seconds.  Stir thoroughly.
  4. Immediately pour the cookie butter mixture over the Chex.  Stir GENTLY with a rubber spatula to fully coat the cereal in the cookie butter mixture.
  5. Put the coated cereal into the bag prepared with the powdered sugar and make sure it is sealed.  Rotate/shake the bag until all pieces are covered in the powdered sugar.
  6. Empty the mixture into a large, clean bowl.
  7. Measure the remaining 3 cups of Chex cereal into the large bowl (just go ahead and use the same one you did the first time around).
  8. Measure an additional 2/3 cup of powdered sugar into the storage bag (again, you can use the same one as before).
  9. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave using the same bowl used to melt the cookie butter, pausing to stir every 15 seconds.
  10. Immediately pour the white chocolate over the Chex.  Stir GENTLY until fully coated.  ,
  11. Place the mixture into the storage bag with the powdered sugar, rotate/shake, and add the coated cereal to the cookie butter coated cereal.
  12. Add sprinkles, m&m's, or any other add-ins you want!


  1. Good idea! I recently made an almond butter and Nutella version, but would also want some of these right now!

  2. I've always thought this would be a delicious glad you tried it! They look fantastic!!

    1. Thanks Cathy! Even my husband who is not big on sweets couldn't put these down!