Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, or You are the Machine Gun of Awesomeness

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or, for those people who hate, don't recognize, don't celebrate, etc. Valentine's Day, Happy Friday!  

These Hershey Kiss Rice Krispie Treats are a project that I actually started about a year and two days ago.  Sometimes, I am a great planner, but other times I don't decide to do something until the last minute.  That was the case with these Rice Krispie Treats.  Last year on the day before Valentine's Day, I decided I just had to make these for my coworkers.  Problem was, I didn't have a funnel to use as the mold.  So I proceeded to go to Walmart, Meijer, the gas station, Walgreens, etc. to look for a funnel that was the right shape.  Alas, all I could find were the funnels that were more angular in shape, and those just wouldn't work.  Needless to say, these yummy treats never got made.

Fast forward about 6 months.  I am visiting my mother-in-law, and there happens to be a Wegmans nearby.  We don't have Wegmans here, but that is where I did all my grocery shopping in college, so I was very (probably over-) excited to go.  While browsing the aisles before lunch, low and behold, what do I find but the perfect funnel to mold these Rice Krispie treats!  So this year, I was prepared.

These are actually surprisingly easy to make, given you have the right equipment.  I simply used the standard recipe for Rice Krispie Treats, which you can find here

After making the Rice Krispie Treats, spray the funnel with Pam.  Put a small amount of the mixture into the funnel and press down with a spatula sprayed with Pam.  Fill the rest of the funnel with Rice Krispie Treats and repeat.  Turn the Rice Krispie Treat out onto a piece of aluminum foil.  Fold up the sides of the foil making sure to wrap it around the top of the "Hershey Kiss".  Then shape it with your hands so that the foil is tightly wrapped.  With the funnel I used, one recipe of Rice Krispie Treats made 3 "Hershey Kisses".  

To make the tabs, I printed out my message (in a light blue color) on regular printer paper, cut them with a paper cutter and put them underneath the foil.  For my coworkers, I used "Happy Valentine's Day!!" as my message.  My husband went for something a little different, "You are the machine gun of awesomeness."  Be creative!

These were a hit at both offices.  People love Rice Krispie Treats!  And the good news?  These can be done for any day of the year, not just Valentine's Day!  Just change up your message!

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