About Me

Hello!  I'm Andrea.  Welcome to my blog!  I love to cook, bake, entertain and decorate, and this blog will contain posts on mainly these topics with a few other things thrown in the mix!  I have also dabbled in ceramics and have tried my hand at knitting and scrap booking, though that ended with a bag full of yarn and a drawer full of paper!  Stay tuned for my next attempt at being a craft diva!

I am trained as a genetic counselor and have recently gone back to school full time to pursue a doctorate degree in public health.  It sure has been a journey going from full time work to full time school, but I know that it will all be worthwhile in the end!  I have two awesome dogs and love to experience new local restaurants, music, cooking, traveling, and am probably more addicted to several TV shows than I would like to admit (Big Bang Theory anyone?)!  

200 Billion Kilometers?

Did you know that if you take all of the DNA in your body and stretched it out end to end, it would measure approximately 200 billion kilometers?  That of course depends on your estimate of how many cells are in the body...but, no matter.  It's a long way and it's a lot of DNA.  When I started thinking about the focus of this blog, I couldn't decide on just one thing.  There was so much I wanted to share--all things that make me, well, me!

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to contact me at!  I look forward to hearing from you!